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We calculate the CO2 footprint of every hotel

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Displayed in real time
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Hotels operated by brand in region
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The methodology we use builds on official guidance from the GHG protocol and adheres to the highest standards of the TCFD principles

Our monthly report is simple and actionable so you don’t have to worry about calculating and reporting your hotel emissions

Summary report of travel emissionsEmissions report per destination

Use business travel to engage and communicate the tangible actions you’re taking to reduce your carbon footprint

We love being able to share with our team and customers what we’re doing about our own carbon footprint

Annie, Associate at B-Corp envoPAP

Reduce your hotel emissions
to reach net zero!

Using our market leading data you can choose a hotel with a lower CO2 footprint, Staze customers have been able to reduce their emissions from hotels by up to 75%

Case study

Envopap attended the Greener Manufacturing Show in Cologne. As a B-Corp certified company they choose to book their hotels through Staze, resulting in:

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  • 70%reduction in CO2 emissions using Staze's data to choose the hotel with the lowest carbon footprint

  • 33kgof CO2 emitted, the accurate total carbon cost of the booking

  • 66kgof CO2 was automatically offset through vetted projects

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