We make sustainability easy so you can enjoy travel that doesn’t harm the planet.

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Only travel when it’s
important to you.

If flying across the world to meet someone for dinner is one end of the spectrum, and locking yourself at home is the other, then we suggest that somewhere in the middle is reasonable for Net Zero travel.

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Reduce emissions as
much as possible.

Sailing rather than flying might take time we don't have but choosing the greener hotel that is a 5 minute longer walk from the station is something within everyone's remit. To be net zero means considering how you can reasonably avoid emissions with your booking choices.

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Offset your carbon footprint.

What you can't reduce, you need to properly offset. We believe we owe it to ourselves, and the planet, to double offset trips which means you take twice as much carbon out of the air as you emit.

Staze Leadership Team

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    My climate pledge is to go vegetarian!

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    My climate pledge is to stop using single-use plastics completely.

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    My climate pledge is to cycle to work everyday, rain or shine!

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    My climate pledge is to only rent or buy second hand clothes.

Staze Advisors

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    Founded and scaled HotelQuickly & GuestReady

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    Led Airbnb’s growth in North America, co-founder & president of Key

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    Founder of Accommable, exited to Airbnb

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    Serial entrepeneur and investor

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    Director for property management at Hopper

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