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Years of staying in Airbnbs with work taught us you could get a better deal if you booked late and negotiated. So, in early 2020 we quit our jobs to build a product that would offer it to more people.

The month was February, Corona was still just a beer & we'd just spent 3 hectic weeks sending guests to great properties. Enough to make us believe in the idea of Staze…

…but then Covid & lockdown struck the UK! At first, we were uncertain. What would happen to travel? Were we crazy enough to keep building a travel business during a pandemic?

But as lockdown went on and on and on, and as we got to know the feeling of being cooped up in one place for weeks on end only too well, we realised that travel was in fact a basic human need. Booking last minute is liberating, living spontaneously is fun and we were set on helping more people to do it.

Here's the team making it happen. Feel free to reach out on and say hello.