Hotel Pollution Index 2023

Hotel Pollution Index 2023

Just one night in a hotel can have the same carbon footprint as a week at home, but some hotels are worse than others. 90% of hotels have not set a science-based net zero target, which means they have not committed to limiting global warming to 1.5°C. As with all businesses, the two strongest indicators that a hotel is taking sustainability seriously is if they have:

At Staze we believe that guests deserve real transparency on the carbon footprint of their bookings. We compile data on the carbon footprint of hotels in cities across the world to raise awareness of hotel pollution. We share this information on our hotel booking platform so you can compare carbon like you compare price.

How does your region rank?

Region% of hotels with net zero targetsAverage kg CO2 per hotel nightLowest kg CO2 per hotel night*
Northern America19%13.90.1
Western Europe9%9.80
Eastern Asia5%44.61.2
Latin America and the Caribbean5%18.21.5
Northern Europe5%12.10.3
Western Asia4%62.74.1
Australia and New Zealand3%18.11.2
Eastern Europe3%21.93.2
South-eastern Asia1%45.61.2
Southern Asia1%91.01.2
Southern Europe1%20.70

*Of hotels listed on Staze

How does your city rank?

Take a closer look at the carbon footprint of hotels in cities. Compare cities in:

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Using Staze you can make net zero hotel bookings in every city on the planet. Compare carbon like you compare price and we'll offset the carbon footprint of every booking, for free.