Which 7 hotels in Tampere are greenest?

Which 7 hotels in Tampere are greenest?

The average hotel in Tampere emits 8.3 kg CO2 per night, but by choosing a more sustainable hotel you can reduce your footprint below this.

At Staze we've calculated the CO2 footprint of 7 hotels in Tampere using multiple live data sources and an approach based on academic research.

So here are the 7 hotels that we would recommend in Tampere!

The greenest hotel in Tampere

Scandic Eden Nokia

Scandic Eden Nokia in Tampere!

Scandic Eden Nokia is the best option for people who are looking to reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible. By taking energy from green sources and improving their energy efficiency, they have managed to achieve a low environmental impact in comparison to other hotels in Tampere.

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Tampere budget eco-friendly hotel

Scandic Tampere Hameenpuisto

Scandic Tampere Hameenpuisto in Tampere!

Who would have thought that saving money and the environment can go hand in hand? The Scandic Tampere Hameenpuisto lets you do your part for a healthier planet while still getting a great rate on your room.

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A green choice 4 star hotel in Tampere

Scandic Rosendahl

Scandic Rosendahl in Tampere!

Of all the four star options in Tampere, Scandic Rosendahl have been able to reduce their energy usage per guest the most. If you’re looking for a four star option that will reduce your carbon footprint, book this hotel.

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Sustainable hotel in Tampere where you can keep fit

Scandic Tampere Koskipuisto

Scandic Tampere Koskipuisto in Tampere!

Scandic Tampere Koskipuisto is what you need for your away-from-home workouts. Protect the planet and improve your health by choosing this option for your Tampere stay.

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Eco-friendly hotel with great accessibility

Scandic Tampere City

Scandic Tampere City in Tampere!

If you need a green option with modern accessibility standards then we recommend Scandic Tampere City.

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Eco-friendly hotel with a spa

Scandic Tampere Station

Scandic Tampere Station in Tampere!

For a relaxing spa weekend that will make you feel better without giving you the guilt of harming the environment, choose Scandic Tampere Station. They aren’t perfect, but they are making progress on sustainability.

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Sustainable hotel good for business travellers

Holiday Inn Tampere Central Station

Holiday Inn Tampere Central Station in Tampere!

Nobody enjoys cancelling a hotel late, but sometimes we're left with no other option. To get the best late flexibility at a hotel with good green credentials, book Holiday Inn Tampere Central Station.

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As more and more hotels disclose their carbon emissions in Tampere then we'll keep this blog updated.

To make a climate positive hotel booking, where more CO2 is offset than emitted, book on Staze.